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    Help with iCalendar!
    This might sound confusing, but please hang in there and try to understand. It's bothering my OCD.

    I have been using the calendar app on my iPhone for a long time. I have two calendars, "work" and "calendar". Then there is a calendar called "birthdays" with a little picture of a cake next to it. This takes the birthdays from my contacts and automatically puts them in my calendar.

    When I got my macbook recently I synced it to my iPhone and synced the calendars. Here's where it gets a little confusing. The calendars on my iPhone are as follows:

    From My Mac
    Calendar (Check)
    Work (Check)

    Birthdays (Check)

    The "Birthdays under the "Other" category is the little picture of the cake.

    On my Mac ical program, the calendars are as follows:

    On My Mac
    Calendar (Check)
    Work (Check)

    Birthdays (Check)

    Originally when I synced the two, the birthdays didn't show up on my mac, so I went into the options and selected, "Show birthdays". All that did was add an extra birthday calendar that shows up on my iPhone as unselected instead of syncing the birthday calendar that's already on my iPhone.

    It's not much of a problem, but is there a way to make the birthday calendar from my iPhone sync to my ical instead of having two?

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    This is complete conjecture, but I think the Birthday calendar on both your phone and your Mac are aggregated from entries in Address Book. Ergo, you don't sync these calendars, per se, but rather sync your address books and let each device's iCal construct the Birthday calendars from that data.

    On the Mac side, you can get Birthdays to show by clicking on the menu iCal > Preferences > General > Show Birthday Calendar.

    I hope this helps.

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