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    After my G4 Mdd 1 gig dual is on for a few hours, it reboots itself no matter what I am doing. I could be at a web page or listing to music or watching a video. Once it reboots itself like that it will do it again within 15 minutes or so. When it does stay on for a few hours I will check disc permissions and it will find at least 20 that need repair. It repairs them and everything is fine till it starts rebooting again. Then I come up with bad disc permissions again. How can they be bad every few days? I was thinking ram. Could someone point me in the right direction. I am running Leopard 10.5.8. This is my first experience with a Mac and so far it has not been a happy one.

    p.s. This is happening on more than one hard drive.
    This is what I am seeing:
    imgur: the simple image sharer
    imgur: the simple image sharer

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    RAM is a *possibility,* but given the age of your machine I am thinking more like logic board. Something internal finally gets hot enough to loosen and create a disconnect.

    I'm sorry you picked such a very old machine to be your first experience with a Mac.

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    Try checking your security settings (click the apple symbol -> system preferences -> General and check that the 'Log out after xx mins of inactivity' isn't checked.

    and see what might be starting up causing probs: system preferences -> Accounts - Login Items. You also might, if possible check settings in the other accounts.

    You also might want to check that you computer is in a well ventilated area and not overheating.. others might have better advice about that and how/what effect that has and how you check.

    Hope that helps..
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    Thank you for the reply's. Ventilation should not be a problem. The computer is on my workbench in a cool basement. I know it is an old computer but you have to love the looks of an MDD in mint shape. The case is just beautiful to look at even when it's turned off. As far as the logic board goes, maybe I can try something. A friend gave me a MDD G4 1.25gig dual. The power supply is no good but the board might be ok. Can I use the board from the 1.25 and and swap it out with the one I am using now? On the plus side it will upgrade my cpu to 1.25? Just a thought.

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