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    Question digital camera
    new user, have a kodak easyshare z760 dig camera, about 5-6 yrs old. when I connect to usb, iphoto shows frames where pictures should be with the number assigned by the camera and a .jpg. seems like the iphoto/mac cannot use this format, too old. the Geek Squad indicated picking up a cheap card reader from Best Buy and use it to connect card to pc. anyone have any experience with this?... don't do lots of photo's but do some family and ebay and would not want to have to put pics on my old xp, which I don't have, and transfer to thumb drive and then copy to mac. any recommendations?...tks in advance...Dennis

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    A card reader should cost you maybe 10 bucks. It's worth it just to find out if it works.

    I can't think of any good reason why this camera should not be working normally with your computer as-is, however.

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    geek squad indicated that the camera is about 5-6 yrs old, and that iphoto does not support the .jpg extension, they indicated that the card reader would convert files(?), which my old win xp must of done. if I copy the photos from the camera to my xp work laptop, they will load into iphoto then, I can copy them from a thumbdrive?

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    Man, those Geek Squad people -- why does ANYONE listen to them??

    Of COURSE iPhoto (and the mac generally) support .jpg files. That's quite possibly the most outrageous lie about the Mac I've heard since a CompUSA saleswoman told me (many years ago, but still) that "Macs can't connect to the internet" with a straight face. The fact that one was BEHIND HER online did not deter her from this view.

    No conversion necessary, to say the least.

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    You might try re-formatting your card (and the camera's internal memory) via the camera's menus. It might work okay then directly with a USB connection -> iPhoto.

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