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    Jun 17, 2011
    Mac Pro 3.5 Ghz 6 Core XEON, 1TB SSD,64GB . MBPro 2.2Ghz 480GB SSD, 500GB HD, 16GB
    Wink Another Happy Mac convert
    After the pleasant experience with our new iMac, I just purchased a Macbook Pro for my work. Because I was spoiled by the bootup times of our iMac with a SSD, I elected to get the Macbook with a 128 GB SSD. I stayed at that size because of cost considerations. I then used an OWC Disk Doubler to install an additional 500 GB Seagate Momentus Hybrid drive for additional storage. While I no longer have the internal optical drive, I don't miss it and can always hook it up as an external.
    I can't say how impressed I am with the construction of the Mac, the quality of the products from OWC along with their detailed instructions, and the overall "Mac" experience.

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    Jan 07, 2008
    In Denial
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    I can't say that I have never encountered problems or frustrations after switching, but as a whole it has been one of my better decisions. Glad to see it has been the same for you.
    I've always wanted to be smart, handsome and modest. But, I guess I'll have to be satisfied with two out of three . . .

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    Waiting for a mate . . .
    21" iMac 2.9Ghz 16GB RAM - 10.11.3, iPhone6s & iPad Air 2 - iOS 9.2.1, ATV 4Th Gen tvOS, ATV3
    Congrats mate.
    I have recently seen some Videos of a member that has a SSD in his MBP running Lion and how quick it booted up with his Start Up Items there as well . . . . Super Duper quick, but i can't justify the price atm with the casual Mac use i do with it . . .
    Envious though
    Dont forget to use the Reputation System if someone has helped you out !!!
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    Feb 14, 2011
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    Switched in February and never looked back. Best computing decision I've made.
    MacBook Pro 13", 8gb RAM, 750gb HD.
    IPad 2, 16gb, Wifi - 3G.
    iPhone 4, 16gb

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