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    newbie 3rd day using a mac
    1) I think I have deleted the folder called downloads from my dashboard so now there is only an applications folder and documents folder and my downloads are just stacking on the dashboard instead of in a blue folder

    How do I restore the blue folder on the dashboard?

    2) is .dmg the same as windows .exe?

    3) Is there any free software I can download to read my MS Office documents from my old PC

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    Open the Hard Drive and the users/username folder. You will see the Downloads folder. Drag it back to the Dock. I am sure you mean Dock and not Dashboard.

    A DMG is a Disk Image. An .EXE is a Windows Executable. Totally different things.
    A DMG is sort of like an ISO Image on Windows.

    Open Office or Libre Office. Both free and will do what Microsoft Office does overall.

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    That thing at the bottom of the screen with all the application icons on it is called the Dock.

    The Dashboard is the window you open that has all the widgets on it. (opened with F12 on my Mac)

    Open Finder - click on your home folder in the sidebar - do you still have a Downloads folder there? If so, drag that folder and drop it onto the right side of the Dock.
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    I think the OP's intent question about .dmg and .exe file is in regard to installation. Most apps are put in .dmg on the Mac side for installation. You click or double click to installed. In that respect it has about the same purpose as an .exe file on Windows side.

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    Thankyou to everyone that responded sorry about the wrong terminoloy I am trying to learn everything at once and it is a bit mind blowing but at the same time a great experience haven`t had time to register the mac yet so many new buttons to press to see what they will do.

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    May i be the first to welcome you to the forum, I'm sure you will find this to be a great place to get your questions answered. stepping in to a mac can be a bit of a challenge. I know it was for me at first. the main thing is don't be afraid to reach out for help when you cant figure something out.


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