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    I have lots of stuff in the Trash, is it good practice to clean it out periodically?

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    What is "lots of stuff"?
    What is periodically?

    Empty the Trash when you are certain whatever is in there is not something you might want back. I'm a little OCD with the Trash, so I secure empty every day. But that's just me...
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    It's not necessarily "good practice" but if there's no reason to keep the files, get rid of them. They're taking up space otherwise.
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    Thanks for the input, I like to keep unnecessary stuff off if I can.I'll empty the trash. Van

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    Ever since I have switched I have found myself almost TOO obsessed with keeping this thing in tip top shape.

    So far I have made a folder for EVERY single file I have on my system. I keep NOTHING except my Time Machine Drive label on my desktop and my trash is cleaned out the moment I'm done with whatever session I'm doing. So I might clean out my Trash 5 or 10 times a day.

    But yeah, I just looked at all the crap I have strewn all over my desktop on my work pc and I can't even pick stuff out anymore.

    In fact, I just emptied my recycle bin and found I had over 13 GIGS worth of stuff in there. Craziness!!

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    Thanks to Time Machine, there really is NO REASON to use the Trash as "storage" anymore. Just empty the trash every time you put something in it.

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