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    Email Setup Suggestions
    I recently made the switch to a MacBook Pro 13" after years of PC headaches. So far so good. I was just hoping to get some thoughts on the pros and cons of different email setups - Apple Mail, Outlook, web email, etc. in conjunction with various smart phones - iPhone, Droid, Blackberry.

    I currently have yahoo and gmail accounts, which I check from the web. I know how to use gmail but I don't like it because of the conversation threading. I currently have a droid phone and because of the email, I don't care much for the phone. I previously had a Blackberry Curve & Tour and synced it to Outlook. Blackberry's are email machines so of course I loved it. I've also used Outlook for years between personal and work and I really like it too.

    I noticed with Apple Mail that the calendar and contacts are separate whereas in Outlook it's all combined. Is there a setting that will make it look and feel more like Outlook? Also, I purchased MS Office Student version (required for school). I cannot find where I can buy a standalone copy of Outlook.

    I'm debating whether or not to go back to a Blackberry and buy Outlook or take the iPhone plunge (when I'm eligible for an upgrade).

    I just want a unified, unthreaded email, simple, and effective email setup.

    Thanks so much for your time and feedback. -CB

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    Blackberry: you'd be happiest with Outlook, most likely.
    Others: Mail.
    Syncing: iCloud (coming this fall). If you need something now, go with GMail for the time being.

    I can't judge what the best phone is for you, but if you mostly like the Android I'd say the iPhone will be the best experience. If you mostly like the BB then you might consider sticking with BB, they could use the business quite frankly.

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