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    how can I get the image to fill the screen in both safari and mail. the print in both is very small, I did find out to zoom, but want larger print to apppear on the screen when both clients get launched. any help?..Dennis

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    Both Mail and Safari have preference controls where you can set the minimum size font and font type.

    As for filling the screen, Lion will do this -- but if you don't have it yet, you can resize the window to fill MOST of the screen by grabbing and dragging the lower right corner of any application's window.

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    For version 5.0.5 ... Safari Menu > Preferences > General tab
    That's where you set the default font size.

    I don't use Mail, but I'm sure it's setting is similarly located.

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    In Safari 5.1 you set the minimum font size from the "Appearance" tab not the "General" tab. And as before, it doesn't always work the way you expect since the web page may be coded for a certain size font and Safari will default to the Web page.

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