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Thread: iTunes transfer

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    iTunes transfer
    Hey guys, I am ordering my MacBook Pro tomorrow and wondered how iTunes will transfer to the Mac or if it will at all. Also, I have an iPhone 4 and wondered if it will now be possible to sync it on my Mac because I had tried to get music from a friend and was notified I could only sync from one computer. These may be pretty dumb questions but I have never owned a Mac and figured this was the best place to ask. Thanks!

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    You certainly can transfer you iTunes library to your new MacBook, but do tour homework with Google searches first to plan the steps appropriate for your setup. An iPhone is designed to sync with an Apple computer through iTunes.

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    When you get your new MBP, download iTunes but don't open it, replace the iTunes folder on your new MBP with your old iTunes Folder. This will ensure you keep your playlists and all of your settings. I copied my old iTunes folder to an external HD and then copied it to my MBP when I got it, made the transfer much faster than doing it across the network.

    I don't know anything about synching the iPhone.

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