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    Can't Launch links in e-mail
    As a newbe here, I am sifting through the maze and trying not to ask too many dumb questions. Having said that, how do I launch a link in an email? I click on it, right click on it, high light it, but I cant get it to open. I have tried in Firefox, Chrome, Safari with no luck. Is there something I haven't turned on? I know it must be simple.
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    If the link has been properly inserted into the email message, it should open by clicking on it. Not sure I understand why you're using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari to try and open the link? Or do you mean that you're copying the link from the browser into an email message?

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    my understanding of your post is "someone sent me an email with a link in it, but when I click it nothing happens." Is that right?

    If so, my only guess on this would be that the link is malformed (ie not the full path, starting with http:// etc.

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