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    how to delete a dmg file
    Hi, I do not know I am having the same problem. I saved some file by using disk utility and was able to open using the password that I set. But, once my mac crashed and got repaired, I had to recover all the files( including the dmg files) and stored it in DW passport. When I connect the Passport to Mac and tried to delete the dmg files, I was not able to. It says, this file cannot be deleted.Please help.....

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    Does it give a reason why?

    In use, no permissions, etc
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    Did you ever eject the dmg on your desktop?

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    how to delete dmg files
    It says the disc cannot be mounted. The file is locked and it does not ask the password to open or I cannot remove the selection of locked as it is inactive. I tried to eject and delete it. but the original is still there.

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    Try changing permissions. Right click on the dmg file and select "get info". On the bottom of the dialog box that opens you'll see the permissions for the dmg file. Click on the small lock at the bottom and enter your admin password. The lock should open. Once it opens, change the permissions to read and write. Exit the dialog and try once more to delete the file.

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    how to delete dmg files
    Yes, I tried to do that too. It says that it is a read only file. when I set it up, it was read and write. I do not know how it turned in to read only. ' locked' is inactive too. Anyway, thanks for the reply.

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    Jun 06, 2012
    Exclamation I had the same problem
    I accidentally downloaded 7zX and couldn't trash it. I went into finder to get my uninstaller utility but then i realised it wasn't ejected so I ejected it and then trashed is and now im good.

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