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Thread: New hard disc for Time Machine iMac

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    Jul 17, 2011
    New hard disc for Time Machine iMac
    My external hard disc that I used for Time Machine crashed and I bought a new one to replace it. Now I would like TM to create a new full back-up instead of an incremental like he did today. I searched but could not find the option the gzt a new full back-up. Can someone please let me know how I can get that new full back-up?

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    If you replaced the hard drive with another one, there's no way it didn't do a full back-up. It has to have something to add the incremental TO.

    You might want to check your "Volumes" folder (under the Go menu, Go to Folder, type in /Volumes). If there is ANYTHING in there besides an alias to the currently-mounted hard drives, that could be where the incremental went.

    *DON'T* mess with anything in there, just let us know if there was anything in there besides aliases to the currently-mounted hard drives.

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    hi chas_m
    there is nothing in that folder except the aliasses.

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