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    Having trouble installing Snow Leopard
    So I'm finally upgrading to SL but I seem to be having an issue. I put the cd in, click install, agree to the terms and all that. It reboots and begins the installation. After about 15-20 minutes [Says approx. 50 minutes remaining] it then reboots itself. It reboots to my normal desktop, with nothing changed and nothing else happening. Version is still the same, nothing has occurred.

    There is a folder MAC OSX Install with about 3.5 gigs, but the install never continues. I've tried three times with no success, every time it starts anew.

    Bad installation disk? Am I stupid? Please help.

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    What are the specs of your machine? And where did you get the SL disk from? Is it gray or black?
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    I'm not on my Mac at the moment, but it's a 2.66 Duo Core, 2 gigs of ram, I definitely meet all the required specs. I bought it in 2008.

    The disk is off white? With the actual snow leopard on it.

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    This is not a retail copy of Snow Leopard. Throw it away, go out and buy a retail copy of Snow Leopard.

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