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Thread: Changing my icon

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    Oct 04, 2010
    Changing my icon
    I know how to change an icon to a custom one so that I have funny little star wars ones instead. BUT! For some reason, my seperate HD won't let go of its buzz lightyear icon. I tried deleting it, but when I paste a new icon to it, it reverts back to buzz. I even tried DELETING buzz.... out of my trashbin.... still reverts back to it. Buzz is haunting me.

    Every other icon change still works for any other thing....just my hard drive won't change...wasup with that?!

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    Oct 04, 2010
    Changing my icon
    My seperate hd icon won't change. I even delete it, but when I paste a new icon onto it, it just reverts back to the old custom icon. WTH

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    Is it on an NTFS drive without Paragon/Equiv installed?

    2013 MacBook Air 13" / 1.3 GHz Intel Core i5 / 4GB DDR3 RAM / 128 GB SSD / OSX Mavericks 10.9

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