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Thread: Multiple User Accounts

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    Multiple User Accounts
    I'm sorry people but I'm really sorry for asking this in this forum. I don't know where else to post it.
    I am a new Mac user and I know it's not a new system but I'm wondering how to create seperate user accounts on a imac G4 so I can create (or add) seperate itunes accounts for myself, my wife,and my daughter so in actuality I need to create 3 seperate user accounts and three different itune acounts.

    I've done this on a pc but don't know how to on a Mac. Can someone help me please?

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    You create them under System Preferences > Accounts

    Click on the + on the left side.
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    Once you create the accounts on the iMac, go to iTunes from each one and create a new account there. Although, you can always share the iTunes account across all three users, if you want to. That's your call.

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