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Thread: Spam Emails

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    OK, chas. You win. Now let's drop it. OK?


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    Had the exact same thing with my hotmail account. The simplest option for me was deleting it. Tried all sorts of remedies but none worked. At the time I didn't require a hotmail account so deleting it wasn't a problem. However, and somewhat ironically, after deleting it I then required the use of a live account for Microsoft expert zone. Doh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
    ... aaand once again, actually asking people to produce evidence of an actual Mac virus is all that's needed to settle the issue in my favour. Point made.
    Chas, some people use "virus" in the generic sense. Your zealousness on this particular topic is getting pretty old, I suggest you move on and perhaps read #1 in our Mac-Forums Community Guidelines.

    Your harping on this is like me berating you for blowing your nose with a kleenex because you really used Puffs brand and not Kleenex.

    Seriously...the English language isn't that hard to interpret.
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