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    Speedy new MBP slows down in face of *gifs
    hello all,

    I have a BTO MBP 13" corei5, with 128gb SSD, and I upgraded the RAM to 8gb. So it should be fast but in Safari when I am looking at sites with gifs on them the scrolling and overall computer experience is very, very slow. What gives this machine should be plenty fast, right?

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    Do you have a sample that we can take a look at?

    In my experience, it's never really slowed down my machine but may slow down the browser for a moment or two while it loads (people really need to stop making animated gifs). Have you tried another browser? Some browsers tend to handle certain content better than others. For instance, Silverlight runs considerably better in Safari than other browsers for some reason.
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    I don't use the Safari browser. It is slow and not very feature rich as compared to Firefox. I would try Firefox or others and see if they work better for you!

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    Safari doesn't like gifs apparently.

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    Try using a different browser; I use Chrome myself. Make sure to give the browser a good minute to load (check the browser load progress in the tab or whatever). It lags a bit on mine when first loading but after a few seconds (depending on how many GIFs there are) they will run smoothly.

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