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Thread: A silly question about backups

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    A silly question about backups

    From what I know, Time Machine makes backups of your entire hard drive and you can select which folders to exclude from your backups. I'd like to do it the other way round: select only the folders I want to back up, which in fact boils down to my entire home folder, which stores all my important data. I don't care about losing e.g. the applications when my Mac's hard drive crashes.

    I backup the hard drive of my Windows PC in the same way - just the data such as documents, photos, mp3 files and the like.

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    So just select everything except the folders you want backing up. Simple.
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    Time Machine > Options > Exclude These you hit the +. Are you sure you want to do this if something happens to your internal hard drive and you let Time Machine run as normal you can put back everything a whole lot easier and faster and since hard drives with large storage is very cheap buy at least 1TB.

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