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Thread: Switched at last, collect tomorrow.

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    Nov 06, 2010
    Switched at last, collect tomorrow.
    After months of sitting on the fence today I finally bought a mac.
    Its a 15" MacBook Pro 2.0 Ghz with 500gig, I also ordered a 2TB time capsule. I use Office so stumped up for that too in Business trim.

    Should pick it up tomorrow, I hope we get on okay.

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    Apr 18, 2011
    Awesome. Bookmark some of the pages here with guides on new people. Sit down and spend a day or two customizing your machine and finding out what works for you. It also helps (if you want to be more productive) to learn the keyboard commands that shave seconds off your work.

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    Nov 06, 2010
    Thanks for the welcome. The shop that I am buying it from are transferring my Outlook data over from my old machine. They are struggling as the PSV (I think that's it's name) file is 5.3 gb. We are now using a bit of software called Office to Mac, I hope it works, I was hoping to get the machine yesterday.

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    May 19, 2009
    Waiting for a mate . . .
    Hey. And welcome to the forums AT . . .. . . Be sure to read the sticies at the top of each sub forum and of you have hassles ask away.
    Dont know how into Macs you are but have set up a few links to look at for noobs IF you want a little read take a look at

    Have a look at these for starters .....
    Mac Switching 101
    Mac 101
    MacTricksAndTips ~ 100 Essential Mac Apps
    Mac OS Menu Bar Items
    Mac OS Keyboard Shortcuts
    Mac downloads ~ Apple

    Adium ~ Chat Client
    Growl Notifications
    SuperDuper or CarbonCopyCloner ~ Both make bootable copies of your HD
    HandBrake ~ Video Converting
    Burn ~ As it says A Burning App
    Transmission ~ p2p client
    Skitch ~ Screen capture and more
    VLC ~ Video player that plays most codecs and does a lot more
    Perian and Flip4Mac Makes watching certain codecs easier ... This is Essential IMHO
    Audacity ~ Play with Music App
    CandyBar ~ Mods all your icons, and dock
    MainMenu or Oynx ~ Does the same as Disk utility only more thorough
    Quicksilver ~ Works like Spotlight but way way better and does so much more
    StuffitExpander ~ Opens Zip and rar files and more
    Lil Snitch ~ Firewall type App that looks at your incoming and outgoing traffic
    and last but certainly not least .....
    AppTrap ~ Once installed it sits in System Preferences and deletes all associated files of anything that you put in the trash ...

    Enjoy your mac and be sure to return

    Dont forget to use the Reputation System if someone has helped you out !!!
    Arguing with a zealot is only slightly easier than tunneling through a mountain with your forehead!!!!!
    MoTM ☆☆☆

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