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    Creating an Automator Workflow?

    I'm new to Mac, I'm on Mac OS X version 10.6.7. I downloaded a program (to replace the Windows program I was using) and I'm trying to install it, but I can't make sense of the installation instructions.

    Here's the link to the installation instructions:
    Vault 3 Installation Instructions
    (Scroll to the very bottom of the page, where it says "64-bit Mac OS X")

    The part where I'm stuck is at step 3:
    Create an Automator workflow to launch Vault 3. Specify the following command:
    java -XstartOnFirstThread -jar ~/Vault3/Vault3Cocoa_x86_64/vault_mac.jar &
    How do I create this Automator workflow? I launch the Automator application, choose "workflow", then I'm stuck. I don't know which items in the menu to choose, or where to enter the above-mentioned command.

    Can someone help me with some specific instructions? (E.g. click this, then click that, then enter the command here, etc...)

    Thanks for your help!

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    I would start Automator, choose to create a Workflow, under Library select Utilities, double click Run Shell Script and enter the 'java' command line. Save the workflow to the location and name of your choice.

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