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Thread: How to get rid of possible malware?

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    How to get rid of possible malware?

    Last week I allowed a friend of mine (a PC user!) to search for a movie to stream using my MacBook Pro. I'm concerned she might have inadvertently downloaded some malware onto my machine. So far, I've noticed only one small glitch - that I can't download any files attached to emails in my Safari.

    How can I check my machine and get rid of anything that shouldn't be there?

    Thank you.

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    There is no malware for mac, apart mac defender and I doubt you have it.

    If you are still worried download ClamXav and run a full check.
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    Thread moved as it does not belong in the "Lounge".

    Please read our Sticky notice regarding viruses and malware: LINK

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    That's not possible so don't worry. But download iAntiVirus and make a normal scan for you to be sure their is nothing wrong

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    Don't give your password out and create a guest account for other people when they use your Mac and eliminate any worry. I may not understand what you are trying to
    do but are you saying that it will not let you Save As or use Quick Look?

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    thanks all for your helpful feedback. i downloaded the clam software and it caught nothing.

    the one quirk i've noticed is that when i open an email that contains an attachment, it says "view' or "download" next to the attachment. if i click on download, nothing happens.

    Thank you.

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    THAT is meant to be evidence that you think the Mac has malware on it???

    Um, no.

    On my copy of Mail, emails with attachments have the buttons "Save" and "Quick Look" next to them. The only time I ever see a "Download" button is when I'm checking on my mobile device, since attachments are not fully downloaded on mobile devices to save bandwidth.

    Clicking on the "Save" brings up a "Save all" (if there is more than one attachment) along with a list of each attachment (for individual saving) and an option to add photos to iPhoto.

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    I use Safari mail and it's there where I have the option of "view" or "download" for attachments. In the past I could click on download, and it would open a new dialogue box indicating that downloading had begun. Now, nothing happens when I click download. No big deal. As long as I'm not infected with anything.

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    What's likely happened there is that the mini-window that indicated downloads progress is probably BEHIND the main window. Happens all the time. You can check this by going to the Window menu in Safari and selecting the Downloads window, it will pop back up front and then you can move it aside so it's not behind the main window anymore.

    In all likelihood, you actually HAVE been downloading things when you press the download button. Your downloads folder (in your home folder) is likely to now have a ton of stuff in it titled "THING-1", "THING-2" etc for the multiple times you pressed the download button and "it didn't work."

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