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    Macbook Pro Single Finger dragging
    Hey guys, I am new here, and yes new to mac too. Though I must say it is amazing!
    I am still learning quite a bit, and here's my issue I need some help with:
    hey guys, need some help. I have an MBP 13, and have dragging with one finger ON and drag lock OFF, but even though the locks off, after I am dont dragging I have to leave the trackpad alone for a second or two, before the "drag-lock" goes off, any fix for this?

    Thanks :-)

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    Wether with drag lock on or not, once I moved the window, I would tap it again just to make sure it's released. Otherwise just lifting the finger you would have to wait half a beat before it recognized the release.

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    The OP is using this also.

    What is BetterTouchTool?

    I wonder if that might be the issue?

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    hey dtravis, that is not the issue, because i just installed that software and i have been facing this issue, since the start! Actually, the reason I installed that software was to resolve this issue lol :-)

    @quin, exactly mate, either tap once or wait. Don't you find it annoying?

    Anyone can guide me through what to do, or just live with it? :-)


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