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    Console shows that the mac is looking for the Idrive. I initially tried Idrive but it was terribly slow, even after overnight it was still spinning. I got rid of it; think I trashed the folder but I'm not sure now. It is something like applications/idrive for mac, some file cannot be found. I need help to fix this too. I read that all I needed to do to uninstall something was to take the folder to the trash can. But I don't think that worked.

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    That's not always the way to uninstall things. If an app comes with an unistaller or "remove" utility, use it. In this case, the way to find out is to download and install iDrive again and see if there is an uninstaller in the folder it is placed in. If so, use it.

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    Generally speaking, the method ozmee mentioned works fine, but not for things that interact on a system level. toMACsh's advice is correct in those circumstances.

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    I did go back and reinstall the Idrive, thinking the same thing; maybe it had an uninstaller. I did not see one. I also have an Idisk on the left console and I think I ejected that. I was trying out different online backup sites and didn't like any of them. Thank you for responding.

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