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    My sister sent me a recommendation for dropbox. It is where you can upload your files by putting them into a folder and then share them (as with photos). I chose all of my photos and was uploading them but it was taking too long, so I took the folder and threw it into the trash. Then I couldn't find my photos not long after that. Dropbox states it is simply a folder where your pictures are at and is not a copied folder. So I lost the photos that were not already uploaded when I tossed the folder. I reinstalled dropbox so I could see photos I had already uploaded and so I could reacquire them. Now I have 2 dropbox folders under places and am scared to mess with them. And I am pretty sure that under my name in places, that some folders are no longer there. Such as the utilities folder. I'm totally confused as to whether or not the system is as it should be. I did not buy a back-up drive until after that fiasco, I kept putting it off. Yes I do repair permissions although I do not really understand it. If I use the disks that came with my system, will it be put to rights? I'm freaking out because I do not want to screw anything else up.

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    The Places sidebar - is just a shortcut to the Dropbox folder. You could Right-Click (context-click) the old one - and say remove from sidebar. This does not remove the folder, just the link in the sidebar. I don't know what you did - but it may be both are pointing to the same place.

    Backup often - if you wait for a disaster it is too late. Also consider something like a Flickr account - where you can upload photos and back them up that way.

    Dropbox is good - but it is just like a folder, but next time just let it do its thing, sooner or later it will back up to the Dropbox servers.

    Note - it is true of anything you do in your Dropbox folder. For example - I have a share folder with my brother, and if I delete something it gets deleted for him too. I also have a bunch of computers and if I delete a file on one - it deletes it on all the other computers. That being said - dropbox does do its own backup.
    Dropbox - How do I undelete files or recover old versions of files? -

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    Yes thanks IvanLasston. I received a message from them about how it worked (after the fact) but I'm still confused about how to remove both folders. I cant delete the dropbox folder as I will delete my photos. Do I just rename it?

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