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    dvd to dvd burning
    so, with pcs to burn a dvd to another dvd you can use a machine with 2 dvd drives. using my powerbook, if i buy a mac-combatible external dvd drive, will i be able to take a non-copyrighted dvd that's in my powerbook drive and burn it to a blank disc in the external drive? thanks!

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    not sure, it might work. another thing u could do is use toast to copy a dvd (the app costs 80 bucks). i would just buy toast since u no it would work (with uncopyrighted discs only). a good external might cost more and u dont even no if it would work.

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    If you want to just make a exact copy of the disk, provided its not a Dual Layer Disk, then yes it will work, if the External Drive is USB 2.0, then your in good shape. I use a 8x External DVD Burner, which burns at 11mb/sec, this cant touch USB2.0's speed of 480mb/sec.

    Ive done it many times with no problems at all.

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    dont forger, theres FastDVDCOPY which allows DL-> SL burning/converting
    new vid 8/8/05

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