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    Question about music folder (finder sidebar...)
    I guess i'm just not very good at searching forums or google, so sorry if this has been asked and answered before:

    I like the sidebar in Finder, its nice being able to click on the treble clef icon and see my music folder inside my home folder. There's just a little thing i would like to change.

    Since my music library is so large, i'm going to move it to an external harddrive, but i want to still be able to click on the treble clef icon to browse right to that folder (even if it is outside of my home directory). The furthest i've gotten is to have the new folder in the sidebar with a small icon on the folder (i'm picky and would rather not have the folder, but the large treble clef icon). Does anyone know how to do this?

    Just in case i can't explain this right, i've included a picture. The treble clef by itself is the icon i want for my new folder on the external harddrive. The folder on the bottom is my attempt at that... neye:
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    I'm not sure, if you needed to know this, but just incase. To change the destination of where to put your music files, first put all you music on the hard drive. Then iTunes->Preferences->Advanced, then Change.

    Then find the folder with your music on the HD, then ctrl-click and Make Alias. Place this alias in a convenient spot, then put in the sidebar.

    You might just want to change the music folder icon, and place it over the alias one folder. For that, go here for changing icons:

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    iwhats way should work...otherwise just have it look like a doesnt change the performance

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    Yeah, just open the info for the music folder (apple +i), click on the icon and hit apple+c to copy it.
    Then open the info on the new folder, click on the folder icon and hit apple+v to paste the treble clef icon onto this folder.

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