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    Question Synchronizing Shared Folders Between a Mac & PC On Same Network
    I've got a handy switch now so I can flip from my Mac to mu (ugh!) PC just for some work. For now that's how it's going to be, the old web design program I use works faster on PC than VM Fusionware and it will free up some space on my Mac.

    Soooooo.........I tried accessing the files in Dreamweaver through the network via ftp as well as through ip and DW wouldn't do it. Therefore.........I added the web site folders in mac to 'shared' folder and I CAN work that way. Yay!

    Here's the issue.........I would like to have the shared folder contents synchronize with my mac/documents/my web sites folder automatically. Is that do-able? Or is there an even easier way? Optimum would be to be able to work from the mac/documents/ folder and write to it directly, but my Windows Dreamweaver won't see those files, even though I set them in the Mac to allow everyone to read and write.
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    You should definitely look into Dropbox. It takes one folder on the computer (or multiple I think) and syncs them to the cloud. Everything in that folder gets synced. Unlimited computers with the same email log on and folder and you can transfer everything between them.

    Free has a limit of 2 gigs but if it's one file you can transfer it over even if it's bigger (HD video or whatever).

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    Thanks, I've seen that in my folders but didn't know it would sync. Will try it.

    So would I keep all 'my documents' in the dropbox folder instead of the documents folder? I tried dragging documents folder and it said I didn't have enough HDD space - so obviously it was going to make a copy of all the files, which means take up twice as much HDD space.
    A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal (Proverbs 12:10)
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