So first off - let me state - nothing has changed on my system - with the exception of doing an archive + install of Tiger - plus all the latest patches

I've never experienced this behavior on Panther

I first saw this a few days ago after the upgrade - I would select say Mail from the task bar - the screen would go black for a second then mail would pop up on the screen - next I might click on Finder --- finder pops up ok (no blanking) then I click on Safari - screen blanks (goes black) for a second and Safari pops up. Doesn't matter whether the app is already active or being launched. Semi random ....

So I shut the system down - and even though nothing has moved in weeks - I unplugged both ends of the DVI cable and reseated - then rebooted.

Seemed stable for a couple of days - nothing has changed or moved - now it just started doing it again -- in fact I just got a blank-out when I selected the dash board

Screen res is set to 1024x768 at 75hz refresh --- I'll check the apple boards on this ------ any ideas here ????????????? :dummy: