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    Protector film for new MBP 15" matte screen

    I would like to ask if there is anyone know where I can get screen protector film for my new MBP 15” matte screen.

    I have been searching on Google for many hours but can’t find the right one. The problem is the matte screen has the aluminum frame around that make it different from the glossy screen. Most of the result I got was the film for glossy screen only.

    I really need it because my little son is messing up with my screen every evening even though he got his own 27” iMac.

    I appreciate for any one point me out to the right store/website. Thank you


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    I don't know whether you are in the UK but here is a starter for you. Check this site out. Protector Film for MBP 15 inch - Google Search

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    I'd just give Apple a call or something, to see if they know of any... I've done a few quick Google searches, and I'm sure you know and are frustrated by the fact, that all I could find were guards for the glossy screens converting them to matte.
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