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    2 starting pages by default - how?

    I need to set up up two pages to be opened as starting by default, is it possible to do this in Mac? I have OS 10.6.7. Could anybody help me with that? In preferences there are options for one starting page only.

    Thank you!

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    Two pages of what? Can you be more descriptive of what exactly it is that you're trying to do? Are you referring to having several applications open upon startup?

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    May 10, 2011
    in Preferences > General I can set up a home page that will open by default every time I open browser. But I need to have two tabs to open by default as my home pages. Is it possible to do?

    Thank you.

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    Open Preferences>Accounts(Under Systems)>Select 'Login Items'>Click the '+' sign >Select MacIntosh HD (Under devices)>Expand 'Applications' (click the triangle)>Select the applications to be opened at login and click 'Add'

    You can also remove any applications that have set themselves up to open at login if you don't want them to open at login. HP printer and scanner software is a particularly bad one for doing that.

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    Hi Kuantro!

    It really, really, really, really REALLY would have been helpful if you have cared to mention what application you are talking about.

    Be deduction, I have figured out that you are talking about Safari (most likely). The answer to your question is YES, you can do this, but not quite as you're expecting. Here's one way of doing what you want to do:

    1. Visit the first page you want to have as a homepage and bookmark it.
    2. Visit the second page and bookmark it.
    3. Go to the Bookmarks area (the icon on the far left of the bookmarks bar) and gather those two bookmarks into a folder (plus sign on the bottom). Then put this folder into the Bookmarks bar.
    4. Set your homepage to blank in preferences.
    5. Now when you open your browser, simply click on the folder in the bookmarks bar and choose "open in tabs." Sorry, I don't know of any way to do that automatically, but at least it's only one click.

    Alternate method:

    Safari has a facility called "Top Sites." This is by default made up of the sites you visit most often, but by pressing the "Edit" button on the top sites "page" you can "pin" the two you are most interested in (I think the minimum number of sites in Top Sites is six).

    If you set Top Sites as your "homepage," you now have six or so homepages to instantly choose from. Just command-click any of them to open in a new tab.

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    I was able to find this little script to do what you want

    Open Safari to multiple tabbed pages - Mac OS X Hints

    also I believe Google Chrome and Firefox will both do this in the options
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    This can be done pretty eaily using Safari and Automator. Before you open Automator to build the workflow open Safari and go to Preferences. Set Safari to open new pages in tabs. Next download and install the Display Webpages in Tabs Automator Actions.

    Now to build the workflow do the following:
    1 Launch Automator and tell it you are building an application.
    2. Drop the following actions into the blank pane at the right of the Automator window
    A. Get Specified Urls Expand the action and enter Urls for the sites you want to open.
    B. Display Webpages in Tabs

    Hit Automator's run button to test the program you have built. If it works save the thing as an application. Next time you want these pages open double click your application.
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    a way easier way to do this.

    Make a bookmark folder with the sites you want to open when you start the browser.

    Safari Preferences - General - New sites open with - select the Bookmark folder.

    bang, you are done.
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    Hello Everybody!

    thank you very much for all your kindest help and tips! I am sorry for being so inaccurate with the request omitting important details (Safari), and for being late with the reply ( for some reason I did not receive the alerts in my mail box).

    I finally figured it out with your help (new bookmark folder > display in tabs = done). Now it works exactly the way I need it! Thank you very very much!

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