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    Cool Best Program to Batch Rename Music, Albums, etc?
    Is there a better solution than iTunes for editing newly downloaded albums, track file names, ID3 tags, etc.., all at once? I am a DJ and I am trying to organize albums, and even singles. It kills me to edit my huge collection one by one.


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    I've never tried it, but you may want to check out:

    Dukko (free)
    1802 Dukko

    It that won't do it for you, check out:

    Media Rage ($30)
    Welcome to Chaotic Software

    ITBatch ($4)
    Smart Toolbox Ideas: Introducing iTBatch
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    Ripping the discs yourself and/or buying from iTunes would save you enormous amounts of time. Both methods automatically gather or come with the information you're looking for.

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    There`s TuneUp, I have this software on my mac, it crashes sometimes but works great, finds the name of teh track, year, author, cover art e so on, I like it.

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