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    Brand new to Mac.
    Well, I told myself I was going to change over to Apple's ecosystem soon and today I got that opportunity, I've bought a second hand MacBook and I've had it four hours and I'm converted fully more than I was before.

    However I have noticed a few things and would like a little help from the pro's, the previous owner left everything on the system e.g. user profile, videos, pics even utility bills and I don't really want to see all this so I want to reformat the computer and start with my own profile. I've watched videos on youtube about how this is done and I'm confident I can reformat and start afresh I'm just a little concerned that on the computer is iWork 09 but I don't have the disc to add this back on once I'm back up and running, I've checked to see if there is a serial number so I can re download it but there is none.

    Which leads me to you guys how can I get around this and are my suspicions right that this may have been illegally acquired? If that's the case I'll just format and buy it, however if it is legit I don't really want to be throwing money at something that's technically already been added.

    Any input would be much appreciated

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    It may have been illegally required, but iWork requires no serial numbers to begin with. Who knows if the previous owner actually purchased this software, or just downloaded it illegally. If you do a clean and fresh install, iWork will be deleted. I recommend asking the person you purchased it from if he has and discs, or any way of re-obtaining the software through legitimate means. If (s)he cannot do this, I recommend purchasing your own copy.

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    And with the new Mac App Store, you can purchase only that part of iWorks you want.

    You can grab Pages, Keynote & Numbers at $20 each vs $79 for the disc. Not only that, but purchasing through the app store allows you to install on up to 5 Macs instead of only a single machine, so no worry about when you upgrade to a new machine or just add a 2nd.

    I'd probably recommend going the free route with LibreOffice for a little while though. The rumors are just too ripe about iWorks '11 being due at this point.
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    You know i was just going to say I've been browsing on the App Store just know and it looks brilliant. I was going to ask if there is a difference between boxed/download from original sites to App Store purchases?. Does the 5 downloads a user count all over the world or just in the US?. I'm just looking at Aperture for e.g. it's 44.99 compared to 173.00 on the Apple site is there any difference apart from the price?.

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    In some cases there are some MINOR differences:

    1. Everything in the Mac App Store is Intel-only, and requires 10.6 or higher. For any new Mac owner, this is a total non-issue.

    2. The five-user license doesn't necessarily apply to software purchased outside the Mac App Store.

    There are probably some other differences but those are the two main ones I could think of.

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