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    New to Apple. Looking for a calendar program
    I recieved my 14" iBook on Monday and have been tinkering around in OSX for a few hrs a day. It's a fairly simple software to pick up. Most of the stuff I've wanted to do I've been able to figure out just using common sense.

    I have a kickin little calendar program on my XP machine called Rainlendar. The only thing I use it for is to remind me when bills are due, or when b'days are coming up etc. Unfortunatly, they don't support OSX so I'm forced to find something similiar for my iBook.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a calendar program with a ToDo list that I can slap on my desktop to remind me of upcoming events? I screwed around with iCal, but I'm not thrilled with the look or function of it. That Rainlendar program looks like something a Mac program would have, which is why I was in love with it when I use my PC.

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    I did a quick check on and found this:

    There really wasn't much listed there.

    Another alternative is Entourage, the included PIM in Office for Mac.

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    Yeah, I like iCal. It has Pop-Up reminders and stuff. Entourage is probably your best way to go if you're not too fond of iCal.

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    Assuming you are running Tiger (10.4.x) there are tons of Dashboard widgets that will do this very thing. You can set them to stay on top so you will always see what is on your daily agenda. Some of them even work with and add onto iCal, making it much more expandable. Take a look at the Dashboard page on Apple's site and do a search for some.
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    I personally recommend Entourage, it'll do mail, calendars, to do's, etc.. a very sweet program.

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    I think entourage is too bloated for what he's looking to do.
    I'd also recommend checking out all the reminder widgets that are on Apple's page...

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    Thanks for the recommendations thus far. Aptmunich is correct, I'm not looking for a bloated program. I honestly only need it to give me a monthly reminder that I have a bill due or something like that. The Rainlendar program was a tiny program that you couldn't even tell was running.

    I'll check around on apples site. I did a quick search, but I wanted to make sure there wasn't some underground program that everyone was in love with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murlyn
    I personally recommend Entourage, it'll do mail, calendars, to do's, etc.. a very sweet program.
    Ditto here. Entourage, imo, is better than Outlook and I use the calendar functions all the time, even to pay bills. You can set up a bill-pay calendar in no time at all. Entourage is part of Microsoft Office, by the way.

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