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    Can I transfer files created in Windows from Sandisk flash drive to Mac without harm?
    I recently bought Mac and would like to know whether it is safe to start using files created in windows on Mac.
    As the screen on my windows laptop is broken I can not access it diretly. I have however my files on memory stick.
    Can I simply connect memory stick to Mac and use files or do I have to somehow convert it for Mac?

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    No, nothing special should need to be done -- just connect the thumb drive to the Mac, copy the files over, *properly eject* the thumb drive, you're done.

    You didn't say what TYPE of files these are, but Macs can read most standard PC files without a problem (Word Perfect files being a notable exception).

    PS. By "files" I'm assuming you mean "not applications." Your Windows applications will obviously not work on a Mac without setting up a Windows environment and re-installing them.

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    Hi Chas, thanks for reply.
    Yes, by files I ment jpg pictures, pdf, word and open office spreadsheets.

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    You'll be able to view your Word and OO spreadsheets with Preview, however, if you need to do any kind of editing on them, you'll need to download OO for OS X. Link is here.

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