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    Screen brightness issue
    Hi all,

    New to the Mac world and have a question, (what a concept, a noob with a question....haha),

    Just purchased a floor model 17" MacPro with the I5 OS, and the screen brightness keeps fluctuating. it's really irritating. I wouldn't think this to be normal but then again I'm new to a Mac. Any replies are greatly appreciated. I love this machine tho and I don't know how to utilize 90% of it's capabilities, but the fun is in the learning right!



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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    Take it on back and let them give you a new machine. As long as you're within 14 days of purchasing, you can return or exchange it.

    You say it was a floor model so I'll assume you bought it at a slight discount? You may wind up with a new out of the box replacement.

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    Thanks for the feedback, I think I will def be taking it back. I'd love to get it switched out for a 2011 model however since I also purchased the service plan they may want to just attempt to fix the problem instead of replacing it. I'll keep ya posted....Thanks again.

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    are you sure it isnt the ambient light sensor?

    click the apple icon. then system preferences. then displays. uncheck automatically adjust brightness as ambient light changes

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    Ha Ha ~ I actually brought it back to Bestbuuy last night and the guy at the Geek Squad desk checked it out and saw the same condition. He then proceeded to recommend to the sales dept that the laptop be replaced. I was like WTF!!! but then the resident Apple rep (who is assigned to this store) took a look at it and said hymmmm I think I know what the problem is, he turned off the auto dimming function. Lo and behold I got it home last night and I do believe the problem has been resolved. Apple rep said this sensor is really sensitive, like it will even detect light imminating from a TV.

    Thanks again for your replies....I still love my Mac!

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