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    Unhappy Screen Scrolls by itself at random
    Thanks to anyone who might be able to help. New iMac user 4 months ago. My screen will scroll either up or down by itself....I am not touching magic mouse or anything. Frustrating to say the least. Thanks to all.

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    When you say the "screen scrolled", I'm assuming you mean vertically like you would do on the trackpad or with a mouse? If you have the wireless keyboard, make sure the batteries are not weak Same with the wireless mouse. If the problem persists and the batteries are OK, you might want to make an appointment and have Apple look at it.

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    Thanks....I will try that. And yes screen does scroll up and down like if I was using a wheeled mouse. I do change the mouse batteries every time I get the message that they are low. Can't remember if I have changed the batteries on the wireless keyboard or not, but will give that a shot. This is a 27" iMac and my Apple Store is 1.5 hours away.....which makes the whole "take it in" a little difficult.

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    batteries would be my first thought too.
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    A similar issue continually used to happen (and still occasionally!) to me. It turned out I was leaning on my space bar, making it scroll to the bottom.

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