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    Best Macbook under about $500?
    Hello. I am interested in purchasing my first Macbook. I would like to post a WTB listing (either a MB, MBA, or MBP) but I don't know exactly what to ask.
    I am hoping to use it for a couple months or a year, until I decide to buy a new one from Apple.

    I don't have many requirements other than under about ~$500 give or take a little. Although, compatibility with Lion and possibly a glass-trackpad would be amazing.

    At least 2GB RAM and 160GB HD or more would be great!

    What do you guys suggest for a moderately cheap Macbook? Should I look on eBay, or post a WTB on the forum?


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    I purchased a 2.4ghz 13" MacBook about 6 months ago. 2 gig of ram, 160gig HD...paid $400.

    Since you are a new Mac-Forums will not be able to post in the Mac-Forums Buy/Sell/Trade forum until you become a more established member.

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    How do you suggest becoming that? Posting more help? Or just posting more?

    Also, do you think I would be able to get a decent deal on eBay, or would you suggest becoming more established here?

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    check out Parts and service for iBooks, and all Mac Powerbooks They sell used/refurbished Apple products on the cheap.
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