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    G5 Isight boot o/s from USB
    Hi All,

    Forgive the newbie question but I have recently purchased a spare/repair IMac from eBay (Last G5 model before Intel CPU was introduced) and have searched for the answer on this forum with no success.

    The issue is that the DVD is not operational and the system itself cannot find the o/s on the hard drive, question mark appears on screen. I have ran disk warrior without any issues and have obtained a copy of the o/s on dvd which I have made into an iso. The question is how do I boot from the USB device on which the o/s is stored. Having been a windows user for a long time I would normally enter the bios but do not how to perform this function.

    Any assistance is appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance.


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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    The G5 will likely not boot from a USB device so it may not matter anyway. Since it's a PPC machine, the boot device should be firewire. You may also be able to use Target Disk Mode provided you have another Mac that supports firewire.

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    Check with online or local computer vendors for a 5.25" external firewire CASE (empty) and a "bare" optical drive (the two together should run you maybe $70). Put them together, attach to your Mac's FW port, boot up from your original DVD.

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