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    A couple of questions
    I had a partitioned internal drive and got rid of it with boot camp. But not really. When I go to disk utility, it shows two drives yet. What are the steps to integrate them into one drive? Secondly, on another thread, I asked about routers and wireless access to external drives. I chose the Seagate GoFlex Home. It's up and running...sort of. I tried to take a movie on my pro and store it on one of the externals. It seems to go through the process, but then tells me, "The operation cannot be completed because you do not have sufficient privileges for some of the items" This happens on both folders on the Goflex drive and the external drive I have usbd into that. BUT, when I hard dock the usb external,I again have write permission. At this point, the whole idea of wireless access is being defeated if I can't write on them.
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    These questions really should be separated and posted accordingly in the proper forums, however, let's see if we can briefly answer them here.

    1. In order to partition or remove a partition from an internal boot drive, you first must start the machine with your recovery - install DVD. Enter Disk Utility, select partition, and then remove the unwanted partition by selecting it and pressing - (minus). Then grab the partition line with your mouse and drag it down until it encompasses the entire disk. Save, apply. Reboot the machine.

    2. You need to tell us what the Goflex drive is formatted as. It sounds like it may be formatted to NTFS which would not allow you to write to it without a special driver. Or, if it's formatted as FAT-32, the movie file(s) are larger than 4 GB. Which again, would not allow you to write to the drive as FAT-32 is limited to a single file size of ~4 GB.

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