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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug b View Post
    No, my reading comprehension is actually quite good. It's your false sense of entitlement as well as your diminished sense of reality which is to blame here. Why should Apple care that you need to install Windows, or any other software for that matter ! lol..... And name calling? You ARE behaving like a spoiled baby! Get over it bub... we all have software to install. And just because something goes wrong at the hardware level, is really no one's fault. Things DO happen !

    You're barking up the wrong tree here. Your misguided bitterness comes from the fact that you obviously haven't dealt much with real life. You want compensation? Go call a lawyer.. I'm sure you can find one chasing an ambulance somewhere. Grow up, please.

    Love peace and soul...

    I think you're projecting your bitterness on to me. I came here for advice, I wasn't expecting anything.

    If your comprehension was so good how come you're so easily confused? How come you ignored my comment on your comprehension if it escaped your notice earlier on?

    I think you need to open your mind a little, compensation doesn't mean litigation. Compensation = a good-will gestures.

    Why should Apple care about my software? Because they sell hardware which has as its sole purpose to run a variety of different software.

    Again, you fail at the simple comprehension and assimilation of information and thought. If you have nothing constructive to say why bother posting in this thread your inane, ill-thought out nonsense?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferretlips View Post
    I was polite when I returned the one with the dead pixels, and the one with the hardware fault. I wasn't really expecting any sort of compensation/good-will gesture but a friend who works at an apple store (sadly not the one near me) told me that in such circumstances they offer little things like 10 itunes vouchers or store credit or some acknowledgment that the customer had been inconvenienced.

    THEN of course you read on various forums about people being recompensed for their troubles. I just thought to get some opinions before I acted, thus saving Apple and myself time and hassle
    So you were polite... whooptie doo! Should you have not been polite ? Do you want a .. oh wait.. You do. You do want a "something". You made that evident by everything you just said. Yes.. my reading comprehension is quite good! Your friend "told you" and "of course you read on various forums about people being recompensed for their troubles".... So please stop trying to psych yourself out ! You were clearly looking for something.

    Moreover, sometimes you'll get people who are either having a good/bad day, or whom are willing to go that extra distance in order to see their guest/customer walk away happy. You clearly either didn't get lucky or perhaps just didn't follow up correctly. You don't just go and ask for compensation in a situation like this, it shows a lack of couth. If they thought it was warranted, then they would have compensated you without hesitation.

    And Nick, this is me being nice. I'm being called a schmuck because of an opinion which the OP doesn't care for... I can show you not nice, but he's clearly not worth the effort.

    And ferret, stop fishing. It's not working well for you. I'm not bitter, nor am I projecting. I gave you an opinion, based upon so many instances of the mentality which you so easily subscribe to. You simply didn't like my opinion. You asked for it, I gave it. Apparently you don't comprehend your own words.

    I'll not say another word, so feel free to insult me as much as you'd like now.


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    I think with your churlish behaviour you've insulted yourself enough without my help.

    Fancy an apparently sane adult getting incredibly worked up over a simple thread asking a none-too-controversial question.

    Very amusing!

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    Liquid and computers don't mix. It might seem simple, but we see an incredible amount of people post here about spills. Keep drinks and other liquids away from your expensive electronics!

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