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    Smile Great Apple Service
    Hey Folks,

    Great to finally be a member of the Mac Owners club...

    Well, I would have joined sooner but for a problem with the order of my new MacBook Pro 15", where it was built to order (with the anti-reflective screen and fast-spinning disk), but then delivered to the wrong address by UPS.

    The lucky recipient claimed not to speak English; Denied he had received it; Posted it onto Iraq etc etc, and therefore couldn't return it!

    After much chasing and hassle, UPS dragged their feet admitting they'd got it wrong, so whilst the 'lost package' process ground on, I ordered a replacement machine...

    Originally, I declined AppleCare, but when ordering the replacement, I was offered it with more than 50% discount - something I was very happy to accept.

    Furthermore, as a gesture of goodwill, Apple offered a choice of accessories with their compliments, and duly couriered travel adapters, replacement power supply and other goodies, which suited me perfectly as someone who travels a fair bit with work.

    All through the episode, it was clear that Apple were in no way to blame, and the fault lay entirely with UPS. Nevertheless, Apple accepted their responsibilities and provided me with updates and more than exceeded my expectations in maintaining great Customer Service.

    Long may it continue...

    A Happy Apple Customer

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    Bummer about the first one, but welcome to the board and to the Mac world.

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    Doesn't UPS have an insurance policy for instances like this? There's a reason they require signature, because it's usually insured for a significant value. Are you saying that UPS did nothing to resolve this? It's nice that Apple took the blame, but I wouldn't leave the UPS central division office until they resolved the problem.
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    Actually that would be apple who has to stand in the UPS office. All claims to the shipping companies must be filed by the shipper not the recipient. Have dealt with this in the past as the shipper and they shipping companies try an wiggle there way out of the problem any way they can.
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    That's correct. It's the shipping party who is responsible for providing insurance and safe delivery. It works the same way at the US Postal Service not just UPS or FedEx. You ship it, you insure it.

    Large corporations such as Apple have a standing contract with shippers such as UPS so you can bet that UPS reimbursed Apple for the wrong delivery.

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    UPS and FedEx suck. I can't count the number of times someone else's package ended up on my door step. Most of the time it's when I'm home but they just ring the bell and practically run away. They never wait for signature. I blame the companies, not the employees. They're overworked so they have no choice but to run from your house in a frenzy to get to the next delivery.

    That is awesome of Apple to be so obliging and helpful when it wasn't even their fault.

    Welcome to the world of Macs!
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    We have a courier company here that leaves parcels in the recycling bin out in the drive and stuffs a note through the door. Which is great except when they do it on a Friday, 'cus (and you know what's coming) by the time I get home the refuse collectors have called...
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    Thanks for the warm welcome guys

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    I'm glad you got it sorted out. And glad you like your new Mac.
    I'm sure Apple tore UPS right up about this. And rightfully so. I'm pretty sure Apple would have done their usual "reimburse us UPS or we sue and will probably win". And the good thing is all this behind the scenes mess was handled by Apple and you just just got hassle free service from Apple.

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    When I got my Imac in September the dvd drive was making a funny noise on some discs but playing them ok.

    I called up Apple and they delivered me a brand new Imac within a day and let me send back the previous model when the new model had been delivered.

    Apple's customer service is great and well worth paying more for alone.

    If you also consider my boss bought a pc from Dell two years ago and paid extra for five years onside callout to fix any issues.

    His machine has developed a fault and Dell refuse point blank to come out and even look at it despite the fact he has paid for them to do this.

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