Hello all, I'm a few years into college now and have most of my gen. ed's out of the way. I recently picked up a 13" base MBP and I'm a little curious if any other CS majors, or anyone related in the workforce, could give me some advice on a few things...

Basic info:
I do have a powerful desktop with Windows/Linux installed for the majority of my bigger programs, gaming, etc...
The notebook is going to be used for a few programming classes. C++, JavaScript, PHP, a few other basic programs. I might do some light gaming. SCII, maybe WoW if some of my friends keep forcing it down my throat, lol. I might be looking into programming for the iOS and Mac apps, but that isn't going to be very extensive. I'll be updating to a more powerful notebook, or maybe an iMac when I get into that heavily.

First, I am going to be exchanging out my MBP this weekend due to dead pixels (14 days per Best Buy) and I have been really interested in the Macbook Air recently. I love the size and the resolution, but without the extra power, backlit keyboard, and edge to edge glass I'm not sure if I should go that path. I've seen a few dozen threads on this subject and know most of the pro's and cons between the two, but with the recent updates I was wondering if the 11" would be a good choice as a portable programming computer. I'm not sure if bigger programs would be too intense for the C2D in the 11". I'm not big on the 13" MBA, I really like the 11" size and 16:9 screen, but if the 11" wouldn't be a good choice, I would keep the MBP. The only question I would have for the 13" is, would the i7 and bump in HDD space really be worth the $300 upgrade?

I would also like to hear of some of the favorite Mac programs for programming and the like! I have done a little coding with xCode 4 and I see it as a huge improvement from Visual Studios.

I love the Mac OS and the Macbook Pro so far and I know I'll be happy with any choice I make. Just looking for outside advice. I appreciate all of the help.