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    OS X Shortcut keys - can't find list for me!
    There are some things I've just gotten used to doing in Windows that I cannot find the keypresses for in OS X.

    For example:

    In the mail app I want to go to the top of the message list. In Outlook I'd use the Home Key. Mac Key: ?

    When editing text:
    In Windows, go to next word is Ctrl-Right Arrow. In Mac?
    Select next word: Ctrl-Shift-Right Arrow.
    Go to the beginning/end of the line: Home/end - mac?
    Execute highlighted Icon - Windows: Enter. Mac? Enter renames.

    I'll come up with some more, but these are the items I'm having the most difficulty with right now.


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    I know some of these...
    Beginning/End of line is Apple Key + Left/Right arrows
    Opening a file is Apple Key + O

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