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Thread: Please advise - G5 1.6 or dual 2.0 ?

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    Please advise - G5 1.6 or dual 2.0 ?

    Just about to purchase a Apple Power Mac G5, need to know : is going for a dual 2.0ghz Powermac worth an extra £100 on the price?.

    Seems a daft question but I am on a tight budget and going to have to do some serious legwork to get the additional funds...

    I shall be using the PowerMac for photo's , web browsing, listening to music and watching films. I won't be using it for any encoding/movie editing etc. So really I am buying it because of OSX more than anything else.

    Please could somebody advise in real terms what I would notice if I did plum for the higher powered unit.

    Many thanks..

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    <looks at calendar>

    Is there some specific reason why you want/need a G5 rather than a vintage Intel machine?

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    Suggest as chas advises go Intel.

    If that is not possible avoid the 1.6GHz model. This was the first G5 release and had quite a few problems. Do a Google. Also PowerPC can only run up to OS X.5 Leopard and with OS X.7 Lion soon to be released, which is reported not to run any PowerPC applications, Apple will no doubt drop support for Leopard.

    This is normal when systems become dated.
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    Even the latest Mac Mini is either on par or better then the G5's you are tanking about. I would do as the others have said and look for a nice refurbished intel Mac.

    But Warning!!!!!
    Only get a C2D or i series (13, 15, 17) intel imac and not a CD (core duo) Mac. The difference is CD intel imacs can not access 64 bit addressing. Yes your G5 can access 65 bit addressing but the PPC architecture it uses is pretty much also dead as stated above. And it's rumoured that 10.7 Lion will be full 64 bit. Which means CD imacs can not use 10.7 Lion and will probably have their support dropped.

    So you are looking for a cheap C2D or i series imac. Simply cause PPC (which the G5 is) and CD is very dead. Try look on places like craigslist or ebay (but be careful) or the Apple refurbished site. To maybe find something in your price range.

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