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Thread: Looking to switch, but...

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    Looking to switch, but...
    So I've spent more time around Mac users recently and got to learn more about their system. I am definitely getting blown away more and more by everything Apple brings to the table. Especially when after not even turning on my PC Laptop in over a month it miraculously became infected with 19 viruses. That is making the decision that much easier.

    One of my biggest concerns is a very in-depth and technical question, hoping there are a few members on the boards who are familiar with, or actually do the same things with their Macs. I am a computer science student and I want more than anything to avoid Boot Camp or running a Virtual Machine on my Mac if I don't have to, to program in C, C++, and C#. While I have read about compilers that you can install including gcc and mono, my biggest concern is having access to the .NET framework while working with C++ and C#. Other languages I know won't have the same issues as Java's JVM disregards computer architecture and Python is included with the Mac OSX.

    Does anyone have any direct experience with programming .NET on Macs requiring use of the .NET Framework? Any Mono experience?

    If I can stay away from PC as much as is humanly possible while being able to do everything on a Mac, I'd switch tomorrow. Thank you for your information and input.

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    As far as pure C and C++ are concerned, OS X has no shortage of good IDE's that can handle them (I prefer XCode). The .NET framework is Microsofts baby, and as such it really requires a Windows environment. As far as I am aware, you can't program .NET on anything but a Windows machine. I don't program in .NET myself though, so I am not an expert in such matters.
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    To the best of my limited knowledge, there is no IDE for C# or .NET for Macs, sorry. The Mac and iOS worlds are built largely on C++ and Objective-C.

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    Awesome, thanks for the info. I guess it's also going to depend on how much my profs focus on the actual .NET Framework over utilizing the languages themselves.
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    Well for the things that absolutely need Windows you have bootcamp or parallels/VMware. So so maybe you can code in .NET that way. I think that should work.

    I've just done a little google search and people have successfully installed .NET frameworks and Visual Studios and other things on a Mac. With bootcamp and a copy of windows of cause. That way you have OS X for when you need it and can boot into windows for when you need that too.

    Mono:OSX - Mono
    THis link is not the official .NET frameworks but it's worth looking into as it might suit some of your needs while staying in OS X.

    But the bottom like really here is - if you need windows for anything, you can do that on your Mac too.

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