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Thread: Using IPad for transfering

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    Using IPad for transfering
    I ended up with my daughter's Imac. Can I transfer my Itunes library from my old mini by syncing to the Ipad and then connecting the Ipad to my Imac?

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    I doubt that would work, and even if it did it would a HUGE amount of unnecessary work.

    A much easier method would be to simply connect the Mac mini and the iMac together by firewire cable and use Target disk mode to "mount" the mini as an external hard drive on the iMac. You would then simply copy the entire Music folder from one machine to the other in the same place (Users/[youraccount]) (this will replace the existing Music folder on the iMac, but that sounds like what you want).

    Once that's done, simply launch iTunes *holding down the Option key* and when asked to locate the library, point it to your newly-imported iTunes library (inside the Music folder. From then on the imported iTunes library is the default and you would use iTunes as normal.

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    Thank you so much, I will print your answer and go in search of a cable to connect my 2 macs, Oh! how sweet is that!

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    Depending on the size of the library, you might be able to buy a USB "thumb" drive and copy it that way as well. I see that 8GB drives are routinely on sale for ~$30 these days.

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