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    Unhappy Problem with converting an itunes purchase to mp3
    In February I purchased a 2 hour long audio file from itunes. I recently discovered that I am unable to play the file from a disk I burned on my iMac G5. When I get info on the file it says "Protected AAC Audio File". When I attempt to create an MP3 version I get a box that says: could not be converted because protected files cannot be converted to other formats. I am using v10.2.1. When I originally looked at the information the file said m4p. This is nuts. Anyone have an idea how I can contact Apple about this situation or maybe have a fix? TIA

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    iTunes tracks do not have DRM on them, but they do still have anti-piracy measures.

    All you need to do is burn an Audio CD or DVD (it sounds like what you burned before was a data CD or DVD) of the file directly from within iTunes, then re-import the CD as an MP3. This involves changing the format of CD burning, and the format of music importing.

    But first ... why exactly are you wanting to make an MP3 of this file? Knowing that could open up alternative options.

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