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Thread: Still fresh out of the box, hoping to learn some tricks

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    Still fresh out of the box, hoping to learn some tricks
    Hey guys, First off just want to say I really enjoy my new Mac Book Pro 15.4 2.2 quad i7 with 8gb ram. I am really happy to use it to start cutting music and some of the Video files and hope to have them on youtube soon! A faster than my old dell!
    My question to you guys is, Is there any quick and easy way to pull straight off my iPod touch (32 gb 2nd gen) and right on to my mac? I keep finding programs that will do it for 25$ but I would like to avoid doing that at all possible... Even though I know Apple kind of frowns on this sorta thing.
    Also, what are some good applications that make the mac and iPod touch work together even better? I'm beginning to use Mobile Mouse server but I was wondering what was out there that you know of! Thanks!

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    Have a good read of this. It will give you info on what Apps are and what they are capable of.

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    I recommend DeTune, a free utility that'll let you do this. It used to be known as Expod, but the name has changed. It's open source and free. The website tells you what it does, will do, and cannot do. Let me know if this suites your needs!

    For a paid option, I'd recommend Senuti. Itunes backwards (literally)! $18.99.

    The only other software I could think to offer you is a simple video converter called Miro Video Converter. It will convert any of those video files you work with easy to convert to an iPod friendly format!
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    You mean grab the music off the iPod Touch via the Finder?
    This one should do it, Download iTunesFS for Mac - Copy iTunes playlists to external media.

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    Thanks a lot guys! everything is synced and working like a charm!

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