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    The newbie has some questions.
    Sorry for being such a noob, I've had my Mac for almost a year and haven't really gotten with the system. >.<

    First, I've heard all over that I should get an external hard drive that has it's own power source for my Macbook Air, If so where could I find one that would fit my budget?

    Also, What would be a good screen recorder? I honestly don't have 100$ to pay for some software that may just turn out to be what I wasn't looking for. I know I'm being cheap about this but I paid 1,000$ for a laptop so I really can't throw around money carelessly.

    Thanks in advance ;3

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    You don't say what your budget is. Have you thought of Amazon for starters.
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    External HDD:

    Western Digital My Book for Mac 1TB 3.5" USB 2.0 $99 - Western Digital My Book for Mac 1TB 3.5&#34; USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive Model WDBAAG0010HCH-NESN

    For a Firewire model, add $60

    Don't know about a screen recorder.


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    Somewhere in Minecraft running away from creepers.
    Macbook Air (Late 2010) 27.08 GB
    @sawday it's about $400 or how much I have in my savings.

    @MikeM Thanks, I swear I saw that at Best buy only it was priced higher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
    I own this exact external hard drive. And have it partitioned up. 500MB for Time Machine and 500MB for other stuff. And it just works very well. I would recommend it.

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    +1 for the WD My Book Essential. I have 2 of them that I use: one for Time Machine and one as a data drive. When I got them, I did have one of them fail just short of a month after getting it, but Target (where I bought them) replaced it, and I have had no issues with them in just over a year now. I don't fault WD for the drive failing like it's one of those things that can happen to any piece of electronics.

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    I picked up a 1 TB Seagate at Wal Mart a few weeks ago. Sticker was $99.00 but it came with a $20 gift card so it only was $79.00 bucks. Hooks up and get's it's power from the USB jack. So far it has worked like a charm.

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    This looked very good to me:

    Iomega 1TB eGo Desktop Hard Drive, Mac Edition
    -Two FireWire 800 ports and one USB 2.0 port
    -Download of Iomega Protection Suite for security
    -HFS+ formatted for ease of use right out of the box
    -Silver color to match the latest Mac models

    On the Apple store; $139
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    QuickTime 10 has screen recording built in.

    I also own a WD external drive. Seem to be fine quality products. Backups are essential regardless of what OS you're using.
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    Reminder: Please include your Mac's specs. This will make it much easier for the other members to assist you.

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