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    Angry Music plays when Safari opens
    I have picked up an annoying glitch or virus I am not sure. every time Safari opens and each tab opened a song starts playing. It is a french or hispanic tune I am unsure of the language. It is not playing in Itunes and I cannot find it to eliminate it. It was not there when I stopped one morning but when I logged in that evening it was there. Can anyone suggest a way to find this thing and eliminate it? I have run 2 versions of anit virus and no results of an infection Help???

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    It's not a virus.
    You will notice that if you setup a new user account, and open safari this doesn't happen with the new account.
    See this thread, and scroll down to the post from Carolyn Samit and troubleshoot from there.
    Apple - Support - Discussions - Safari keeps playing an annoying music ...

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    Scott: there are no Mac viruses.

    Whatever anti-virus you have UNINSTALL IT. It's sucking up resources and can cause its own problems.

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